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Name:Jane "notplain" Smith (OC)
Birthdate:Mar 12
Jane's a secretive sort of gal, always there where you least expect her - almost always with a smile on her lips. Sometimes she does something odd - knows a fact that should be secret, solves a problem far too tough.

And some of the time she goes missing - disappears for days - or leaves the room, and walks back an hour later, dirt smudged and with a troubled look in her eyes.

Most of the time, though, she's just Just Jane - never plain; always smiling. Quick to flirt (but slow to take it further) unwilling to talk about her past (but happy to hear about yours.

Nobody looks deeper than that; things always go wrong when they try. Not that Jane would know anything about that.


OOC: A recycled version of docs_xperiment; this version is open-ended; could be the Doctor, but could just as easily be someone else; she's designed designed to fit into multiple verses with minimal shoving.

I'm open to versing her in all sorts of scenarios, and her past might change from person to person (Depending on what they're comfortable with/what works best with their verse.)

Disclaimers - unrelated to Doctor Who; unrelated to Kate Nash; not Jane Smith; just for RP fun times.

Mun and muse 18+

Mun is male if anyone cares.

([info]docs_xperiment Will be left up, for those who currently have CR with her; this one can stand in as the same character, but just in case...)
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